“Bunon anno“ or Happy new year in Italian language the words that you will hear very often during the new year’s eve cerebrating time . 
This year me and my boyfriend we decide to away from the city , crowd ,big party , clubbing and we end up at  Andrea ‘s house one of our friends which located in Vernasca the province of Piacenza up on the mountain. It was very amazing party for all of us , a lot of food and drink (especially wine ) in the cozy house .I  feel so glad that we had a good time together.

First morning of 2018 was full of snow all white cover the village ,felt like some senses that we seen from a movies . I  went out home walking around exited with snow ,did some ugly snow man ,real ugly and i don't want to show here . Anyway here are some picture that i was shot from Andrea's house ,village ,the view through the car's window while we heading back Milan.


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